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LPoS Address:3PPRLpTAn9ku11YpPh1YfZcojCgopeet6er

Waves is a cryptographic currency platform based on Proof of Stake consensus algorithm that inherited the idea of Nxt and improved on a zero basis.
Blocks are generated one minute and can handle 100 transactions per minute.
Waves is 100% premain.
You can set up nodes with 10,000 Waves and you get minor reward tokens (MRT) , transaction fees and so on.

Main features of Waves

  • Creation of Custom Application Token (CAT)
  • Asset exchange on decentralized exchange (DEX)
  • The Fiat assets by the official gateway and the assets pegged to other encryption currencies
  • Light Client Wallet
  • Distributed evaluation system (under development)
  • Distributed voting system (under development)
  • Lease Proof-of-Stake
Here I will show you how to mine Waves in Lease Proof-of-Stake (LPoS).
The Waves owner can earn a reward by leasing to the node operator ‘s address without setting up a node.
The way to do it is very simple; therefore, you get a reward unless you stop it if you can an internet connection even once.


Create an account (address).
Access the following URL in your browser.

1. Confirm that it is protected communication.

If it is not protected, it is very dangerous because anybody can see all the work doing on the browser from the computer connected to the same LAN.

2. After confirmation, click NEW ACCOUNT.

3. Read and understand Notes carefully.

4. Once you have read through all, click I UNDERSTAND to proceed.

5. SEED is displayed so record it.

You can copy and then save SEED in a text editor such as Notepad, but it is not said best way. Write it on paper without saving it locally.

6. The address was created uniquely from SEED, but please be aware that SEED can not be generated from the address.

7. Enter your favorite account name.

8. Enter a long password that includes uppercase letters and lowercase letters of the alphabet, and numbers.

Also keep the password in an arbitrary way like having saved SEED.

9. Enter the same password same as you entered earlier.

10. Click REGISTER when all is done.

This completes the account creation.


This step is a confirmation item.
You could skip.

11. Check the synchronization of the block.

If this is 0, please inform the administrator via Twitter.

12. By clicking, you can see the details of the account.

Knowing only the login password of your account, those who forgot to copy SEED at the time of creation can obtain SEED information.

The upper middle address can be copied by clicking only.


Transfer Waves purchased at exchanges such as Bittrex to the addresses actually having created.
The latest transaction is displayed at the bottom.


Ready to go
Let’s lease the holding Waves.
First, click on the “L” icon at the top center and move the page.

14. Enter the address of the node.

The following is the address of WavesPoolTokyo.


15. Enter the amount you would like to lend out of the owned Waves.

If you want to lend it in full, enter the amount subtracting the request / cancellation fee (total 0.002 Waves) from the holding amount.

16. After input, click.

17. Since a confirmation screen appears, check the input data for any problems.

If you have no problem, click CONFIRM.

If you have no problem, click CONFIRM.
It is completed when the transaction is generated.
Wait for remuneration according to the Leasing amount to be sent to your address.

Cancel Leasing

Click the icon to the right of the Start Leasing transaction you want to cancel.
Then click Cancel Leasing.
Confirm the contents to cancel and click CONFIRM if there is no problem.
After a while, a Cancel Leasing transaction is generated.